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Are You a High-Performer Struggling to Breakthrough that Ceiling?

You have everything handled, but cannot seem to figure out that one frustrating area of your work life. Nothing drives you more crazy than co-workers and employees who cause delays, bend the truth for their own gain, or are often times offensive. Work doesn’t have to be that way! No need to feel stuck.

If you are:

  • A high-achieving professional frustrated by a complex organization
  • Open to growth, but feel like you have already read all the books on management techniques
  • Tired of attending training after training that doesn’t provide solutions to your situation

You have come to the right place! I offer professionals, just like you, the opportunity to discover why you feel disengaged in a way you have never experienced. Let’s get you refocused on what you are committed to accomplishing, how to move barriers out of the way, and the clear action steps to real results.


Workshops and Retreats

Are you wasting company money on ineffective one-time training? Implementing a team-building workshop or company retreat based upon goals and determining action plans will produce the results your organization needs. Take a peek at the workshops and retreats we offer.
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Management Coaching

Feel clueless about how to balance your tasks with leading a team? Don’t spend another minute on second guessing your role. You need to step outside of your “day-to-day” to explore a different method of management coaching that you haven’t considered yet.

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One-on-One Coaching

Wishing you knew how to move forward? Whether you are a corporate professional or an entrepreneur, feeling stuck in a dead-end situation happens to us all. You won’t be able to find clarity or know how to move forward by relying on knowledge and skills that got you to this point. It’s time to tackle that conflict brewing in your department, or that aching urge to pursue new career opportunities. Invest in yourself.

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“After just a couple of sessions with Anne, I started having all these wonderful “aha” moments that have changed the way I think about my business.”
“As a young entrepreneur it is my job to create new ideas and take risks in order to grow my startup business. However, after a few years of running my company I noticed an alarming pattern in my motivation which, at that moment, I could not explain. For months I would feel unstoppable and then, at the flip of a
“Anne is a phenomenal coach. I rate Anne as being in the top 1 percent of coaches for a few reasons. First, her energy is incredibly high. Simply working with her increases one’s sense of possibility, confidence, and willingness to achieve high aspirations. Second, she has a wide and deep range of coaching skills to help CEOs and executives move


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